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Storage – Home vs what the budget supports in the office
May 2, 2007, 10:58 pm
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As many of you know ESX won’t install onto IDE or direct connect SATA drives. This is a problem I have been looking to overcome.

Simple options are to buy a cheap 2u server preconfigured on ebay. Problems with that are the excessive noise and out of date hardware.

Doing a DIY rack mount server is fun and easy, I have a 4u now as my primary home server.

I have been looking at this project:


I think it has potential and will be reviewing it further to see if it is the best way to bring massive storage online at home with minimal noise and maximum power efficiency.


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I completely agree about the noise being a serious issue, especially if you need to have your computer in your living room or bedroom. Any suggestions on how to quiet it down so you can live and store?

Comment by Sally

I find it somewhat disturbing at the number of random blog entries out there that stereo out how it is a “problem” that ESX supports relatively few low-cost storage controllers and disk types. It begs the question of how this premise can be true when ESX itself current costs upwards of $3500/socket for just the most basic license. I would be embarrassed to publicly make such complaints as it alludes to an aire of unscrupulous software acquisition or unlicensed usage.

I am painfully dealing with the bleeding edge nature of Xen and Enomalism for just this reason.


Comment by -=dave

Dave – see my latest past for comments on this issue. I agree that licensing of the product is pricey but not having a test platform and running tests against production is even more expensive.

Comment by berginjm

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