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ESX – Costs vs Performance
July 22, 2007, 1:35 pm
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Based on a comment that came in earlier today about why so many of us in the blogosphere care about ESX supporting non-scsi drives I will provide the following arguement:

Everyone needs dev boxes.

Working with the API to develop management tools for the deployment (lately we have also been looking at v-kernel to test out their appliance) one needs to recognize that running untested scripts in a production environment is a BAD idea. Bad should be bold, flashing, and have some flaxons going off. I talk with people every day who say that due to time, budget, or whatever other reason they just ran their untested process on a production environment and are shocked that it crashed/deleted/caused the system to burst into flames.

If you are willing to run untested procedures (not even scripts – anything you haven’t done before) on your “production” environment then it is not truly production.

I would never plan on running ESX in a production environment on SATA drives (with a non certified controller as you can do that now with some controllers) but I would load some VM’s up onto it and my testing scripts against it.

As it is I have had to Frankenstein some ancient boxes together so I could run 1 vm on each host and test scripts  against it. Now as a poster earlier indicated that I was working with pirated copies of ESX I hope this satisfies that complaint and if it doesn’t he can call his licensing contact to find out exactly what VM’s stance on purely dev deployments.


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