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Some time away, some reasons to start posting again
September 12, 2007, 3:13 pm
Filed under: India

As part of our corporate master plan I have been asked to travel to India in late October. In an effort to find the most western resort possible I will be staying at:


It looks pretty nice and for what it is costing a night it better be! That is what has shocked me most about planning and executing this trip – the expected cost savings have not been anywhere I have seen. Hotels at 400$ a night, 6000$+ plane tickets, and everything else that is involved in going overseas. I am honestly blown away by the prices. You could come and have an amazing time in Boston for those kind of prices!

Ours is not to reason why…

I am very excited about the trip and especially the tail end of my trip where I will be visiting some european countries on a personal vacation. Not a bad thing at all if I say so myself.


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