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VIClient Black Screen when viewing a console
September 23, 2007, 3:12 am
Filed under: VM

As an update on the issue I reported earlier we have worked through a wide variety of possible causes.

One cause we isolated and resolved which was not immediately apparent was a firewall issue.

Machines on Host A could be accessed, settings changes, everything but the full Console view.

Resolution: The firewall was blocking outgoing traffic from the host going back across our corporate network. Some work with the firewall team got that straightened out.

Our other systems located up in Canada are still showing this behavior. It appears across all the ESX hosts in the installation (5+) and they experience the same issue trying to come down to our systems in MA.

Things we have ruled out:

Firewall – none between these two locations

QoS – none

Packet filter/shaper – none

As it happens across all systems and hosts it can’t be a single client side or host side issue.

Users can still validate off the central VC server even if they are in Canadian location.  Only the console view is showing the black screen.

Upgraded to ESX3.0.2 – no change apparent.

As a work around we have them just RDC into the windows boxes or using VNC to connect to the non-local systems the users need to access. Performance over VNC is not like a local system but it is not the worst I have ever seen.

As another data point the exceptionally odd thing here is that this does seem to be location specific, or maybe Canada specific, as CA, CO, RI, NY, PA, etc all have remote users who can utilize everything in the virtual center with acceptable performance.


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