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VMware Server 1.x – home platform
October 21, 2007, 4:59 pm
Filed under: VM

I have been running VMware server at home for a long time but recently I have run into some problems. The first sign of trouble was the frequent BSOD’s that 2k3 was giving me (Device driver issues according to the screen). As soon as I disabled VMware services they went away.

Around that time I purchased a Dectop  system to try and be conscious of my energy usage and took my server from 24/7 availability to limited usage, powering it up maybe once every two weeks for 2-3 hours at a time.

Lo and behold three weeks ago I try to power on the system and nothing happens. After fiddling with things I broke out an old power supply and gave that a shot and it powered up. Because it was a temporary hookup I just powered it down and started the RMA process with Antec. I have to give them kudos for how they handled my request even though it was two weeks outside of the warranty period. Having always been a fan of their products I am now a customer for life. Way to go Antec!

I got the new power supply installed  and the system powered up but won’t boot to the BIOS. I unplugged and took every component off the motherboard and now it won’t spin up at all. Going through the gigabyte process now to see if their support has any insight into this failure.

This is terrible timing and I have to wonder if the issues I had attributed to vmware server and 2k3 clashing were really underlying hardware hiccups just presenting themselves as software issues.


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