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Update from Gigabyte regarding my home server sage
October 25, 2007, 10:29 pm
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Dear customer,

System powers up, but no beep and no post. Please follow the following procedure to diagnose the issue.

No beep, and no post means the CPU, and the board is not transferring any signal codes. In this case, please follow these steps:

1) Please make sure the CPU is seated properly.
2) Check jumper setting for CPU (if applicable) and try to lower CPU frequency if possible.
3) Try to remove all unrelated hardware from the computer such as sound card; modem, NIC, SCSI, and etc…. only leave CPU, CPU FAN Chassis speaker, and the ATX power plug and the power on/off switch (PWRBT). Please make sure that your power supply contains both the main (20 Pin), and the 12V (4 Pin) connectors (For P4 and some AMD CPU M/Bs.). Also please make sure that both connectors are properly connected and are generating the necessary power to the board.
4) Reset the CMOS once – Disconnect the power cord from the power supply & detach the CMOS battery for 10 seconds then put it back. Then try turning the system ON again and check for beep.
5) If the above-mentioned steps fail. Pull the board out from the case and isolate it from the case. And try steps1~5 again.
6) If the above-mentioned steps fail, please try a different processor. It is very much possible that your processor is defective.

Please install only the CPU and CPU cooling fan on the M/B to see if you can hear any beep when the system boots up.

If there is no beep, either the CPU or the M/B might be defective. Please test the CPU on the other system to see if it is functioning properly.

If the CPU is fine, please contact your vendor for diagnosing your M/B or a replacement, if under their warranty. If it”s not, please visit (http://rma.gigabyte-usa.com ) for rma request.

Thank you


Reseated the CPU and still no joy. How many people really have an extra motherboard lying around of the right socket type to test the CPU out?

Time to fill out the RMA and hope they let me wait a month until I get back from India to ship it out.


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very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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