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Bangalore – First Impressions
October 28, 2007, 11:13 am
Filed under: India

#1 – It Smells.
#2 – People urinate whenever, wherever, and on whatever they want.
#3 – There are nicer shopping malls for western goods in Bangalore than in Boston.
#4 – It really smells.
#5 – Watch out for poo in the street, cat, dog, goat, cow, or people poo – it is all there for you to see.
#6 – Boston has ducks as its version of animals crossing the street, Bangalore has goats. Let’s just say none of these are going to a petting zoo anytime soon.
#7 – The smog/pollution is insane. It hurts to breathe the air.

I spent the day walking around the downtown area with a group of folks from HP who upon hearing I was with EMC agreed we would not talk shop. Which we of course did but to a lesser degree than normal. The only way to avoid the onslaught of the tuk-tuks (crazy three wheeled extortion machines) was to be in a group large enough you wouldn’t all fit. I uploaded the pictures taken of my hotel (which is nice but not exceptional) and the city as I have seen it so far. I tried to skip taking pictures of the really bad things and so consider this an overview of the “scenic” part of the city (those were the words the hotel concierge used to describe it).

The people are nice but they argued with me that I was served Maple Syrup at breakfast (it was truly pancake syrup). I gave that fight up as they had very nice tea and a good view from the restaraunt in the hotel. It looks like dinner will be there tonight.
As an odd stroke of luck on my walk back to the hotel I met a gentleman walking out going to an area I hadn’t been and so I asked if I could tag along. Turns out that Mark, a Brit ExPat working in Shanghai, had some minor computer issues I spent a bit of the afternoon working on. We made headway and got him setup so he should be able to continue on until he returns to Shanghai. It was a nice afternoon with a variety of folks, none of them local. Hopefully, once I meet the team I will be able to engage with them and do some more interesting things.



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Wow, doesn’t sound like any place I would like to go to soon.

Comment by Dave in Pleasantville

I think I remember telling you to pack air filter masks.

Comment by Eric

hmmm, you’ve never seen mexico city, huh? Yeah, this can be a shock, how dirty it is. Sad. Pictures do tell the whole first impression.
Stay well…:)

Comment by Norm

I think that you should take pictures of the bad things too. You don’t need to censor your camera. Back when the Soviet Union controled Eastern Europe they would clean one particular street so that tour busses could go down it and tourists would think everything was nice, well kept and everyone was happy. If you were able to see the next street over, it was all gray and dirty. You don’t need to hide the truth.

Comment by Katie

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