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Myth About India #1
October 29, 2007, 12:31 am
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“Everything is cheaper in India”

In my excursions to local shopping and to the western style malls I have had the opportunity to evaluate a number of items which are exactly the same as our North American versions (except of course the electrical necessities).

An item that costs under 100$ US (Seagate 100gb external drive) costs more than 200$ US without figuring in any taxes.

The classic tourist items of silk and other handcrafts also look to be cost effective but after doing the conversion even these items became as expensive here as they are in the states.

Meals and other service items are also shockingly expensive. My dinner (of middling to poor quality) totaled out at 15$. That wouldn’t be bad if I had consumed any alcohol with it but that was just the main meal and bottled water (the water was a 3x markup!).

In the future I will continue to look for better deals but so far it seems like the purchasing power here is dramatically weaker than what we find in the states.


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Be careful of the better deals, as I hear you have learned eating can be hazardous.

Comment by Katie

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