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Searching for a VDI solution
February 3, 2008, 2:54 am
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So it turns out I don’t love a VMware solution — This is actually a first.

I am giving the competition a chance with VirtualIron and Provision Networks VDI setup. At first glance this looks like it has potential even if it is not a perfect enterprise solution.

The plus side for us? They give you 5 free seats!

I need to find something that will allow me to satisfy my basic need to provide a hosted VPN connectivity appliance, a second “home pc”, and they all need to be accessed from a thin client with minimal host machine specs.

Running VM workstation or Server to host a windows media center vista installation makes sense but these other applications have potential upsides if run as VD’s.

We will see what I find and give it a shot. And as a final note this may be my last attempt to wring some serious value out of my DecTop. It has performed fine if you have amazing patience but who among us does anymore?


Ever approach a solution assuming all the marketing info was 100% accurate about what you needed? Here is what I did that works and has none of the overhead or additional administration requirements.

1. DecTop has Xubuntu installed on it – Running XVNCviewer I can utilize MSFT RDP (the protocol on which Provision Net says they have optimized)

2. Run Windows XP in workstation as an App

3. Utilize XVNCviewer to connect to it

Man was XVNCViewer impressive. Very snappy response and my dectop is now a working thinclient.


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