Pushing Virtual Limits

Upgrading to VC 2.5 and ESX 3.5 tomorrow at 4 EST – Pray for me
March 31, 2008, 1:47 am
Filed under: VM

All the testing and prep work has been completed. I have had my head buried in this project trying to make sure everything goes correctly.

After a number of conversations with other teams within my company I am worried that the success ratio for the service agent installation could be as low as 80%. There is no getting around our need to get this migration done in the small window of time I have been able to beg from the multiple teams utilizing the environment.

10 machines will be upgraded to 3.5 while the rest stay at 3.02. A reboot of those systems was deemed unacceptable due to production necessities.  After opening two separate support incidents with VM about issues and being given defect numbers and told to upgrade I will finally be able to execute that resolution path.

In preparation for this upgrade I created a test pod utilizing 5 total servers – two doing in place upgrades and three that would be fresh installs. I completed that upgrade 3 separate times without any issues or hiccups.

Here is to everything working correctly and being able to go home at a decent hour tomorrow or to having a lot to write about and debug.


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