Pushing Virtual Limits

April 25, 2008, 7:22 pm
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A day in the life…

It is absolutely OBLITERATING my bandwidth. I told it to take all that it can and did it ever follow instructions!

My excitement over how practical and usable this concept is got my account hijacked by other folks within my company who have a higher pay grade than I do and can’t wait until their own accounts are approved! It created quite the buzz today here in MA and then in CA once those folks woke up to see what was going on.


There is no progress bar.

The secured/pending status makes no sense. I got to 30 secured documents in a heartbeat yet now I have have been adding them at the rate of 10 an hour. – Not having a progress bar hurts

The auto tagging is great – very intuitive and it did a great job for a first automatic run through. It wasn’t perfect which leads me to my next problem –

Collections – creating a new collection isn’t bad but it isn’t intuitive. I expect to be able to select either the folder it is pulling from or supply a search criteria to set as the baseline that will keep it fresh. It doesn’t seem like I can do that. It DOES look like that is what should be happening so I must be missing something. I will keep digging on that.

Last gripe – I wish I could tell it which folder to pull images for the home page from – AND I wish it could use those on the default page nigrebj.piworx.com.

More testing to follow.


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