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6S – Six Sigma and You
April 29, 2008, 1:22 am
Filed under: Six Sigma

EMC is a Six Sigma company. It is a LEAN Six Sigma company.

In their infinite wisdom I have been selected to go off and receive 6S Black Belt training. (If nothing else it sounds very impressive doesn’t it?)

In order to keep my sanity I came home after work and did some more testing on VMware management products. Math and in this case statistics and probability has never been my forte so I am working hard to really grasp all the data that we are being provided. At times the material (and great Excel plug-ins) make it seem too easy. I can do neat things with binomial data using SPCXL that I highly doubt I would be able to do by hand.

I have already been given a really interesting project to tackle. Surveys have already been completed and I am really a little excited to take a look at what the results are come next Monday.

Once we complete some more of the fancy CpK (or is it cPK) charts I will have to post one or two to show off how pretty your data can be. For all the negatives associated with Six Sigma it does boil down some pretty advanced math into manageable pieces for the project leads and then takes that final step by giving them the tools to present that data to a non-technical audience.


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