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Vizioncore – Foglight for the win?
May 1, 2008, 12:26 pm
Filed under: VM, vmware

As I noted before I have some problems currently with my test installation of vCharterPro. Their support team has been working with me to get this resolved. So far their support has been prompt and very helpful. Now do I wish I had been able to just drop the system in and go? Sure, but it is nice to know their team is capable of providing good next steps and a reasonable action plan.

These are the next steps I need to perform on Monday: (This will reset the FogLight server)

To reset the FoglightAgent.Service, login to the machine on which vCharter Pro is installed, open a command prompt,

then navigate to Program Files\vizioncore\vCharter Pro.
From here, enter the command: FoglightAgent.Service /configure
You will be prompted to re-enter the agent information.

A couple other things to do on the vCharter Pro box would be:

1. In Services, restart the Foglight Management Server service
2. Restart the vCharter Pro Collector service
3. Restart the vCharter Pro Connector service

If resetting the FoglightAgent.service, or restarting the other services noted above do not resolve the issue,

please go into your vCharter Pro console, go to Administration-Setup & Support-Manage Support Bundles. From here,

click on the button to Create Bundle.


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