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Pi – SmartDesktop and PiWorx beta signups
May 7, 2008, 4:39 pm
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I believe I may have neglected to drop in the pointers before. The PiWorx beta is in full swing and the SmartDesktop beta sounds like it should be really picking up soon.

SmartDesktop Signup – http://www.smartdesktop.com/beta/signup

PiWorx – http://pibox.com/downloadInvite.php

I would love to know what your favorite kind of pie was – I put in mincemeat to try and get some extra attention.

Also, all credit for discovering this very cool program goes to Storagezilla who as always keeps us up to date with what is going on in the world – especially the EMC World.

Now if anyone thought they needed a CMA blogger out in Vegas let me know and I can hop on a plane in a hurry for EMC World 2008.


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[…] Pi – SmartDesktop and PiWorx beta signups […]

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Can you comment if you had any success with installing the piworx on more than one machine?
It works on one machine but when I try to add my second it consistently fails when trying to download the index with the vague error Creating dump failed

Comment by Amnon

Absolutely, I religiously use it now on my desktop and on my corp laptop. Without this package I would be completely out of sync.
When I first set up my laptop I was on a hotel wireless link and it took 3 different tries for it to succeed but it did complete that last time and has worked since.
My Index was ~700mb in size and I think basic connectivity problems caused the issue. How big is your index?

Comment by berginjm

If I had a dollar for every time I came to nigrebj.wordpress.com… Great read.

Comment by Lola Lay

Wow I’m actually the first reply to your amazing read?!?

Comment by Carlene Salinas

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