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Flashback – ESX 2.5 installs this weekend
May 24, 2008, 11:49 pm
Filed under: Humor, vmware

A large service provider who will not be named is still running ESX 2.5. In order to test and vet the solution we are providing them I was asked to build up a few servers to run through.

This was of course a comedy of errors as the systems were cast offs or EOL boxes ready to be put out to pasture. The first box had a CPU die on me when I powered it up for the first time after two months of no use. After that it was straight forward but still a serious throwback and that one box was online with an activated swap file and vswitch created (I kind of miss the MUI).

The next two boxes had a series of non compliant parts. Unsupported SCSI cards make me cry because the installer isn’t smart enough to just die when it says “Sorry, this is unsupported” instead it keeps on chugging through loading drivers until it hits one that just won’t finish and waits for reality to reach out and smack you on the head. Luckily a quick power cycle always fixes that problem and because it doesn’t make it far enough into the install to do any damage the box just comes right back up as it was before.

So I am left with one single cpu poweredge and one repurposed precision workstation box (with a single nic no less) to provide to engineering. One can only hope they can work miracles with this class of equipment.

The biggest kicker – ESX 2.5 keys are no longer available from VMware. I emailed their sales alias per the notice on the license page. They wrote me back and said “Sorry we don’t give those out anymore.” I have another few emails in their inboxes requesting a different answer. I can only hope that they will come through with them.

If When I get the keys from those very kind folks at VMware I will hopefully be done with my flashback to two years ago.

The guys at VMware are top notch though because they sent me a new T-shirt (The core customer one). I went out to their apparel site and saw this – Worst T-shirt ever?

Now if I can just convince someone to send me one of the polo’s from EMCWorld 2008 I will be a happy kid. All it takes to keep me happy is a free t-shirt. ( :


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