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SS4200-E revisited – Software v1.1 (Updates to the rescue!)
July 25, 2008, 11:06 am
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OK – TSA has a new update on the fresh 1.1 firmware for the box here.

It looks like my biggest gripe (No NFS shares) has officially been removed. My only hang up in purchasing one of these bad boys is that I want to wait and see what Iomega does with the LifeLine software package. Now that it has the basic feature set I required of a home NAS (and the drive spin down finally works) what can a real home equipment make do for the form factor?
The box as it is now is serviceable but it is not sexy, cut, or good looking by any stretch of the imagination. It looks like the briefcase that portable nuclear weapons go in.

But who really cares about looks? Mine is going to go either under a desk, coach, or endtable and I care about it being reliable, quiet, and cheap (in that order). It looks like my purchase is imminent.

Kudos to the LifeLine team for addressing issues with the initial release and really turning this product around.
See the SS4200-E here


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