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EMC Adds “Facebook like” features to D6.5 – Sort of but not really
July 24, 2008, 2:52 pm
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OK here is the link to the article.

My two cents – If you read the article I don’t see “FaceBook” like features anywhere in there. I think the guys who wrote the article and have seen the product are just blown out of the water by an entire suite of Documentum based offerings that are intuitive and look amazing.

I know – DCTM has always been a work horse but it hasn’t been the prettiest horse in the stable. With CenterStage and the other new applications I am blown away by how good they look and more importantly how responsive they are. Pretty and slow doesn’t work for me. D6.5 is wicked fast.

Take a look at the article but I think they were going more for hype than substance.