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Mea culpa – An excuse for my abscence
September 21, 2008, 3:48 pm
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So I am sure most of you have seen or looked at – or maybe played with – EMC Documentum CenterStage?

I have been spending a LOT of time with it. Hopefully I will be able to go live with some of the neat things we have made happen even with the beta. When this client gets released to the Documentum public I can’t wait to hear the reaction.

Beyond that I have added on another 4 servers to my ESX deployment and then started working with some fresh VM stuff to see how that is going to impact how we work.
Favorite new feature in VC 2.5u2 – Hot cloning – We implemented the update and our users found the feature before we even told them about it! Now that is reading the market correctly.

Beyond the normal craziness I officially start a new role within EMC on Monday. The up side – I still get to keep my virtual infrastructure. It should be lots of great new stuff and I will be working with a group that handles ALL of EMC software. This should give me the opportunity to talk with some really smart folks about how they would work on some of the niggling VMware issues I have found.

My plan for Monday is to get some time with our #1 networker engineer and see if he can enlighten me on all the things I have been missing in my very limited NW deployment. (1 VM out of 555+)

Vkernel has pushed out a number of great updates to their Capacity Analyzer 2 Beta – I am getting some real value add from having all my virtual centers on one screen.

On a side note I hope everyone read about VMworld and ESX4 – All I can say is I am excited by what I saw publicly discussed. Powerpath in ESX – Drool


D6.5 Pictures and More CenterStage Pics
July 22, 2008, 12:53 pm
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Thanks to Storagezilla for finding this flickr account.

Links to the images here.

For the record these screenshots constitute significantly more than one product but it is a good overview of what the D6.5 family is going to looklike. (Webtop, CenterStage, DA, WebPublisher, etc all have pics in there)

EMC Magellan is now EMC CenterStage
July 20, 2008, 3:36 am
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Be More Productive with EMC CenterStage

Be More Productive with EMC CenterStage

Here is one of the posts about it on the developers network. Having spent some time with this product I can say that I am seriously impressed. A link with good screenshots can be found here.

More details will come in the near future and hopefully soon we will be able to talk more openly about all the features. If you are interested in it make sure to sign up for the beta from the EMC developers network homepage.

From the Beta page:

About the Beta Program

In the coming months, EMC will introduce its next generation knowledge worker offering named CenterStage that will offer a best of breed user experience and put business users in control of their content enabled applications. CenterStage includes CenterStage Essentials which provides basic content services to enhance individual and team productivity and CenterStage Pro which focus on Web 2.0 functionality to empower business users to be in control of their business applications.

Over the next months, EMC will be conducting a CenterStage Essentials Beta program. The CenterStage Essentials Beta program is expected to run from September, 4th, 2008 to December 15th, 2008.

The purpose of the CenterStage Essentials Beta Program is to enable EMC is to obtain feedback from customers and partners regarding CenterStage Essentials’ configuration, functionality, and usability to validate market readiness and to help ensure successful adoption.”